The Dos and Don’ts of Imitating Famous Writers: My Interview with MuggleNet Academia

This week you’ll find me at MuggleNet Academia—one of the most popular educational podcasts on iTunes and nominated for four People’s Choice awards. I had a blast chatting it up with host Keith Hawk, Hogwarts Professor John Granger, and my writing buddy Christine Frazier of Better Novel Project.

In our podcast we talk about the Harry Potter series as a literary artifact and how we can use it to help aspiring writers become better at their craft.


  • What are Rowling’s three big story signatures? Should other writers try to imitate them?
  • Which best-selling authors have clearly borrowed from Rowling’s writing toolbox?
  • How much of Rowling’s success is due to her use of alchemical imagery and Christian symbolism? Do aspiring writers have to use them if they want to be successful?
  • Can pantsers write as well as outliners?
  • What specific story structure did Rowling use for scaffolding her story? How does understanding it improve an author’s chances of publishing success?

If you’re wondering what I sound like, here’s your chance to hear me talk! You can listen to the podcast at MuggleNet Academiacheck it out on iTunes, or download the mp3.

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2 thoughts on “The Dos and Don’ts of Imitating Famous Writers: My Interview with MuggleNet Academia

  1. Hi CS

    I love your work, and was thrilled to listen to the Mugglenet Academia podcast with you, and to also discover Christine’s blog and resources. What a resource!

    Just a note for the website manager:
    It looks like there was an editing problem when the blog site was changed from Write Like Rowling to The Friendly Editor.

    There is a link that goes to this webpage article about the Mugglenet Academia episode and it has a typo. The link is called “How to The Friendly Editor” instead of the true title of the Mugglenet Academia lesson (How to Write a Like Rowling).

    Perhaps you’ve already caught this, but just in case….

    Thanks again, and I hope to someday have a novel I can send to and Editor like you!



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